Soul Food II Lyrics – Logic

Soul Food II Lyrics by Logic is the Latest Engish Song, which is sung by famous Singer Logic. Enjoy the Song and also if you want to Download the Lyrics of Soul Food II Lyrics in the PDF form, click the link given below.

Soul Food II Lyrics – Logic

Oh shit, it’s Raquel, she’s a fuckin thot
Ayy, fuck you guys, fuck you guys
Suck my dick
Straight on the basement mic
Ayy, man fuck all these punchlines and shit man
I just wanna tell a story, I just wanna have some fun
Back in the basement type shit

Ayo, once upon a time a couple of guys from out this world
Was talkin’ rap and hip hop with a young synthetic girl
The year was 2115 at Babel Space Station
Was home to the very last of the human population
The captain name was Thomas, the infantry man was Kai
And he’s the man that discovered the Ultra 85
Accompanied by a girl inside their ear, her name was Thalia
Made of ones and zeros, she was a program
You could ask her any question even about the fall of man
Then one day they discovered a planet in deep space
That nobody before them had ever found in they database
I mean, maybe it’s the place that’s meant for the human race
The planet Paradise, Kai said that time is my God
It be very nice, traveling through outer space
We done had some scary nights
We done had some scary fights
All about that rap shit, Kai like that trap shit
Thomas love that boom bap shit
I wish God was real, I wish I could just get raptured
What if this planet full of aliens and we get captured?
Don’t think that way my son
Everything gon’ be fine, we finna have some fun
And if by chance we do come across an alien
I’ma blow his ass away with this here molecular gun
Set to kill, never stun
Wagwan, we get it done
Now the ship is enterin’ the atmosphere (Ten, nine)
We gon’ take a look around and get the hell up outta here (Eight, seven)
We gon’ double check that it’s habitable and livable for man (Six, five)
And no matter what happens you know we gon’ stick to the plan (Four, three)
Understood? Understand, all good? Let’s get it then (Two, one)
Once they touched down nobody could hear a sound
‘Til they opened up the ship door, that rappelled to the ground
What they found, a planet full of life
A planet full of shit they never seen
Straight up out a movie scene
On some Tarantino meets Christopher Nolan, nah mean?
Walk around the planet for hours, they was exhausted
If it wasn’t for the music in they ears, they would have lost it
The seventh album by a musician they both revered
First time this planet heard it, let’s call it a world premiere
Thomas thinkin’ about a picture of his girl
That he left on the Aquarius Three in his dresser
Wishin’ he could undress her
Give her the pipe, no lesser
Kai thinkin’ nuts like a professor
Wondering if the oxygen on this planet fresher
Now is it us or is the natural life on this world the aggressor?
All the negative shit inside of his head, he need a refresher
Two men here to save the world, no pressure

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