New World Lyrics – Emiway Bantai

New World Lyrics

Yeahh little homie
Recognize game’s when it in your face
Elevate educate motivate
Dig ride ride rip boy ride
Let me tell you little something’s bout pride
Slide slide slippedy slide & I’ma tahe you for aa walh
On the wild’s side hold down’s slow down’s graduate
The way you move itt you catch a case cause
I know that’s what at stake all work’s & no play boy
You betier not’s diss that class spit that fast’s
You better go & get that cash ohh you like being a fool’s
Packing’s a tool boy you better’s get in school’s
How you think’s that I got mine you better’s read betwin the
Line’s yehh cause life ain’t fair you better’s get up get’s out & go
Get there motivate my people gona motivate climb to the top
Of the empire state my people gona motivate a new world’s
Await’s my people gona motivate those people cona motivate
All people gona motivate gota make ti’s happen before it to

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New World Lyrics – Emiway Bantai
New World Lyrics – Emiway Bantai

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